Dog Walking at Lisa’s Pet Sitting Service

Included in our pet sitting service is dog walking. You’ve heard that a tired dog is a happy dog, but regular dog walks, exercise, and playtime also make a healthy dog. A nutritious diet and proper exercise will ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight and lowers the risk of heart disease and other ailments. 

Dogs can suffer from stress and depression just like humans. At Lisa’s Pet Sitting Service, we place a premium on fitness and affection, which helps to alleviate these symptoms. 

We care about the health and welfare of each of the dogs we walk and report to our clients when we see something out of the ordinary. Our in house dog walker gets to know each dog individually: their quirks and their special care and exercise needs.

We can schedule a dog walking routine that fits your schedule and your pet’s exercise needs. The dog walker will make sure that the dog is hydrated with fresh water at all times during the walk.

For more information about our dog walking and animal care services, contact Lisa’s Pet Sitting Service in Louisville, KY today.